Turbocharge your leaders

Great team leaders take the pressure off the Managing Director or CEO – so that your business operates smoothly and sustainably, allowing you to spend more time focusing on growth (rather than dealing with execution issues).

Aimed at managers and team leaders, we deliver leadership development through our Leadership Turbocharge program. This is a practical program that develops leaders who think commercially and inspire high-performing teams.

Leadership Turbocharge is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – it’s about bringing your leaders everything they need (and nothing they don’t) to help your business thrive. We use case studies and examples tailored to your business, so everything that participants learn can be applied to the workplace immediately.

The business case for leadership development?

Whilst each business situation is unique, research by the Boston Consulting Group found that, on average, businesses with capability in leadership development achieve 210% higher revenue growth and 180% higher profit margins when compared to their less capable peers.

All too often, we see people struggle with the transition from being the ‘star player’, where their focus was on doing great work, to being the team leader, where their focus needs to be on building and leading great teams. Leadership Turbocharge solves this problem, unlocking the potential of participants and focusing them on the four areas that offer the greatest impact:

Program delivery

Leadership Turbocharge is delivered in bite-sized chunks that don’t eat into the demands of your business – and is based on a ‘coaching approach’ to unlocking potential.  Our coaching approach shifts learning from conceptual to concrete – because true learning and development don’t happen outside the work, but in the work.

Typically, each program runs over 12 months, consisting of:

Program content

Every workshop we deliver inspires participants to apply their leanings to challenges and opportunities faced by your business. Our workshops create meaningful mindset changes — and are supplemented by pre/post workshop ‘homework’ to embed learnings and sustain momentum.

Our workshops incorporate key business performance principles, with a focus on the following areas:


Want to spend more time focusing on business growth?

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