People and High Performance

People make or break businesses. To succeed you need high performing teams, who understand your game plan and are committed to helping you win…

The problem is that the ‘people piece’ in any business is never a fixed thing. Your next levels of growth and/or changing market conditions will uncover new people challenges that you haven’t seen before – and you need to get ahead of the curve to adapt quickly.

Having walked the shoes of business owners, CEOs, investors and board members ourselves, our team has developed a performance framework and operating system that simply makes sense to emerging and mid-sized companies who are looking to transform, grow and improve.


Develop a Game Plan with the Checkside High Performance Framework and Operating System

The High Performance Framework outlines the key elements for driving high performance through people. The drivers are all connected – you just need the right Game Plan and High Performance Operating System to put them into action.

Your Game Plan sets out the priorities and your operating system embeds the IP and rhythms that help you drive focus, accountability and results. Whilst the core elements of the operating system for each business are the same, we tailor the rhythms to suit the capacity and capability for your business.

With monthly coaching and guidance the regular planning and review rhythms enable you to pivot and adapt to change quickly – in essence turning strategy reviews and implementation into a core capability and process, rather than an event.

High Performance Operating System

* Quarterly operating rhythms shown as an example. Alternate rhythms can be tailored to your business.

Download your copy of the High Performance Framework and High Performance Operating System here.


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