Do you have a winning strategy that all of your people are engaged with?

Work on your business, not just in it

It is invaluable for business owners and executives to periodically step out of the daily grind of working in the business and spend some time working on the business.

What is truly unique about Checkside’s approach to strategic planning is our focus on developing strategies that are clear, actionable and engaging. Critically for clients, this approach also gets embedded as a process that is regularly revisited to keep strategy relevant and timely.

Checkside’s strategic planning process involves four key steps:

  1. Determining the current state of play
  2. Outlining the desired future state
  3. Defining strategic priorities
  4. Setting objectives and key results – and assigning accountability

As part of our process, we always ensure that adequate time is set aside to solve the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the business.

Our process sees us roll up our sleeves and work with our clients to create a Strategy Roadmap for their business covering business model, purpose and values, positioning, long-term and short-term objectives and required capabilities – as well as a Strategy Tracker which can be used to track strategy execution ongoing.

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Strategy, built with execution in mind

Because our strategic planning process is built specifically for strategy execution, we always identify the measurable objectives, key results and resources needed to get you there. It is designed to plug into a management system tailored to drive strategy execution for your business.

We ensure that every Strategy Roadmap contains a Strategy Summary – a succinct one-page summary of your Strategy Roadmap that can easily be communicated throughout the business to literally ‘get everybody on the same page’.

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Checkside has helped put the meat on the bones of our strategic vision

“Checkside has helped put the meat on the bones of our strategic vision. They have provided clarity around the more detailed strategic objectives and timelines and provided execution rigour through the design and implementation of an efficient and effective accountability process for our Executive team.”

Maggie Dowling, CEO of Bedford

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