Does your organisational structure support both current operations and long-term strategy?

Form should always follow function

Organisational design is more than just boxes on an organisational chart. It is a key consideration in ensuring that your business delivers on its strategic initiatives. Right roles, right people, right time.

The structure of an organisation, or form, should be designed in such a way as to maximise the likelihood of achieving the functions that the structure is intended to perform.

Our process considers strategy, functionality and capacity to design organisational structures with the appropriate balance of customer centricity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Checkside’s organisational design process involves four key steps:

  1.  Analyse your current functionality, capacity and performance
  2. Understand your current operational requirements and long-term strategy
  3. Identify the most appropriate macro structure
  4. Design the corresponding micro structure and associated supporting systems

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The Checkside difference

Our organisational design process combines best practice organisational design methodology with our real-world application across a range of industries.
We understand that organisational structure becomes a critical variable impacting success for businesses transitioning from start up to scale ups – and again from scale ups to enterprise level operations.

Organisational structure can be a critical contributor to organisational effectiveness and success. When designed properly, organisational structure is a tool that helps business owners and executives to increase productivity.

We work with our clients to ensure that they identify and implement the right organisational structure to support their growth ambitions.

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The process was flawless, and their methodology and approach worked exceptionally well

“At our stage of corporate development, it would have been impossible for us to successfully create our own organisational chart. Working with Sam and Scott, the process was flawless, and their methodology and approach worked exceptionally well.”

Scott Phillips, Managing Director and Founder of Boomer Home Loans

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