Do your leaders have the capabilities to deliver high performance through their people?

Our leadership programs are designed to take pressure off the Managing Director or CEO by raising the level of leadership capability across the whole team

All too often, we see people struggle with the transition from being the ‘star player’, where their focus was on doing great work, to being a truly great leader of people.

Leading people successfully through growth, change or transformation requires leaders to have skills in the following areas:

  • Knowing themselves and their people
  • Driving high performance with great habits and energy management
  • Understanding key business numbers, metrics and capacity
  • Focusing their people through clear objective setting, KPIs and action plans
  • Engaging their people through great communication, feedback and coaching
  • Strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision making

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We offer a range of practical leadership development options including:

Leadership Turbocharge

Tailored 12-18 month programs delivered via group training workshops and supported by regular 1:1 coaching.

Leadership Turbocharge is delivered to your key people in bite-sized chunks that don’t eat into the demands of your business. Our coaching approach shifts learning from conceptual to practical – because true learning and development happen in the workplace.

Each program consists of:

Leadership Turbocharge is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we use case studies and examples tailored to your business, so everything that participants learn can be applied in the workplace immediately. The programs are also designed to be ultra-flexible – providing the ability to truly design a tailored development program to fit your individual business needs.

Executive coaching

For Leadership Turbocharge graduates or those executives who really want to fast-track their development with intensive coaching support and know the value of utilising a dedicated sounding board, we also provide an executive coaching service.

A more personalised experience, our executive coaching services helps participants deal with challenges beyond the workplace to help leaders improve their performance in every way.

Group and peer-group coaching

Applying a similar group workshop and support framework to our core Leadership Turbocharge programs, we also run group and peer-group leadership coaching for executives and managers who prefer these forums. Workshop content is based on our Leadership Turbocharge program.

Bespoke workshops

We also provide leadership workshops and retreats on request, to groups of any size, tailoring content to the needs of your business.

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Checkside has helped our leadership and management teams become smarter and more effective

“I engaged Checkside because we needed help to improve the way we managed our people — leadership, people management and recruitment. Checkside has helped our leadership and management teams become smarter and more effective at dealing with people and performance matters…”

Scott Osborne, CEO and Founder of Total Synergy

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