Is your management operating system causing headaches or contributing to high performance?

Coaching and consulting services that get results

Because strategic planning  is only as good as the actions that follow, it is important that once the planning process is complete, it is placed into an environment that allows for effective execution.

Our High-Performance Framework gets our clients’ biggest, most important initiatives out of the boardroom and into reality.

Too many great strategic plans never quite make it across the finish line, because there’s not an effective system to keep everyone on course and keep execution on track.

The secret to successful execution

To guide business strategy all the way through to successful execution you’ve got to:

  • Get everything in view – so you can see what’s happening with every objective and KPI
  • Get everyone engaged – with the right structure and an easy-to-use system that is specifically tailored to your business, keeping everyone accountable and on the same page
  • Get every possible advantage – by making business performance and business strategy a regular conversation for everyone – from the boardroom to the front line

Based on our High-Performance Framework, our methodology is underpinned by coaching and consulting services designed help clients to build, embed and continuously improve management operating systems that deliver high performance – and to deal with the pains and challenges of ‘scaling up’.

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Partners in performance

We partner with our clients to guide them through all stages of their growth journey: from starting-up (pre-revenue), to scaling up ($1M-10M revenue), to running a professional business ($10M-60M revenue), to running an enterprise ($60M-300M+ revenue).

Our system of regular planning and review enables our clients to pivot and adapt to change quickly – turning strategic planning and execution into a core capability and process, rather than an event.

Grow, improve and transform

Having walked the shoes of business owners, CEOs, investors and board members ourselves, our team has developed an approach that simply makes sense to emerging and mid-market companies who are looking to grow, improve and transform. We help our clients build an ‘execution engine’: the mind-set, habits, and capabilities that allow them to leverage opportunities and adapt to challenges as they present.

We also help businesses to form advisory boards – and take on a select number of these positions each year.

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I’d recommend Checkside for anyone who is ready to get serious about high performance

“I engaged Checkside because I wanted to ensure that Bonfire continued to deliver bottom line results as we grew. Checkside has helped our leaders to connect their teams to our business strategy – and the high performance operating system they’ve helped us implement is driving accountability and results through the business. I’d recommend Checkside for anyone who is ready to get serious about high performance.”

Clay Cook, CEO and Founder of Bonfire

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