Case Study

Total Synergy is the developer of Synergy, a powerful SaaS business and project management platform for architects, engineers and construction designers.

With a significant product development strategy in play, Total Synergy engaged Checkside to ensure the company was well positioned to handle future growth.

Following our Three Lens Diagnostic Workshop, we developed a Road Map focused on engaging the team with the business strategy and building strong cultural foundations. We designed and embedded the people and performance systems needed to support future growth, developed a clear and distinctive employer brand (in conjunction with Total Synergy’s amazing marketing team!) and trained team leaders in key people and performance processes (including delivering our Leadership Turbocharge program to key team leaders). We worked with team leaders to set company objectives and cascade these to all team members – and to drive high performance and foster engagement via regular 1:1s and a regular performance review process. We helped select and implement a fit-for-purpose HR information system (HRIS) and implemented a recruitment process to ensure the company is well positioned to attract and select and retain A-Grade talent.

The immediate outcomes for Total Synergy have been clear alignment between employee and business objectives, increased efficiency from their HRIS, consistent HR processes and improved recruitment outcomes. The company is also enjoying stronger engagement in the brand identity as they gain traction and take on the world!

Scott Osborne, CEO of Total Synergy, commented: “I engaged Checkside because we needed help to improve the way we managed our people — leadership, people management and recruitment — and we weren’t at a size where we felt we needed a full-time resource. Checkside has helped our leadership and management teams become smarter and more effective at dealing with people and performance matters, and they’ve helped us prioritise important things like employer brand so we’re positioned as an employer of choice in a competitive recruitment environment.

I’d recommend Checkside for companies looking to improve their people and performance processes and embed effective leadership habits. They’ve made a real impact at Total Synergy.”