Emerging and mid-market businesses

With team members who have both family business and small-cap listed public company backgrounds, we hold a deep understanding of the challenges facing emerging and mid-market businesses from all sectors. Often more tight-knit than larger corporate entities, the main challenges these companies (either private or public) face usually revolve around having a clearly captured and articulated strategy, an aligned structure and the right executive team and leadership capability with the disciplines and accountability to execute strategy to underpin future growth. In other words, ‘as we grow, how do we maintain our advantage whilst adding the right people and operating system for the future’?

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Fast growing technology companies

Well funded technology companies need to cope with the rapid expansion of headcount. This requires robust workforce planning, executive search and performance improvement strategies, alongside a great operating system and culture, to keep everyone on the same page while the bus is moving fast.

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Fast growing resource companies

Developing a resource and managing the transition from explorer to producer requires particular skills and experience. Timing is critical once you raise funds from investors on the promise of expanding your team and capabilities. Investment in your strategy, workforce plan and executive search program is essential to deepening leadership capability and underpinning workforce growth.

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Defence Industry

Through our delivery of the Defence Industry Leadership Program and Executive Development Group we work with a number of businesses that service the Australian defence industry and the associated supply chain. To excel in this sector, businesses need to demonstrate strong leadership capability and a high degree of accountability. Our High Performance Framework and Operating System provide an excellent foundation to help our clients deliver this.

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For Purpose Organisations

More than ever, not-for-profit organisations and associations are expected to deliver on KPIs in an efficient and pragmatic manner whilst retaining focus on mandate. And this is amplified when there are changes to the economic environment or funding channels. Re-structuring and workforce planning decisions require a commercial yet sensitive approach to change management, complemented by a High Performance Operating System to drive engagement and accountability to agreed KPIs and objectives

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Corporate advisers

Given the undeniable impact A-Grade people and high performing teams can have on the enterprise value of any company, we work closely with a range of corporate advisers to make sure their clients pull the right performance levers at the right time. This extends to due diligence and reverse due diligence of management teams during corporate transactions.

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Turnarounds and Transformations

Managing a turnaround or transformation requires quick and decisive action to avoid disaster - and that’s where our financial acuity and IP comes into its own. Recognised for our role in successful turnarounds, we hold strong links to turnaround professionals and the TMA (Turnaround Management Association). And once a business starts to recover, our performance improvement expertise helps embed the operating system and habits that drive longer term transformation.

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