16 March, 2020 | Category

We wanted to provide a brief update to all our client and contacts on how we are dealing with the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, given our business focus on leadership, people and performance.

Further to our initial blog on 4 March 2020, ‘Here’s how to ensure your company can deliver High Performance despite the Coronavirus’, we have developed an internal policy and guidance encouraging our team to work from home / remotely to the extent this is feasible. At this stage, this is a temporary measure and we will monitor its applicability as the landscape evolves further.

Our actions have been driven by the following factors:

In terms of our services, we are very well placed to manage this change given the way we already work and the technology stack we currently utilise. This includes cloud based systems and ‘virtual’ capabilities, including videoconferencing and teleconferencing tools, so we remain easily accessible.

We realise this is a challenging period for many companies, business owners and CEOs. It is often difficult to know what to do in times like this and we are happy to help and share our IP with anyone that might be seeking some guidance.

We also readily acknowledge that every business is different and our approach may not be adoptable by everyone, but if you are interested in seeing the policy we have developed and how we have deployed it, please click here to download a copy.

Now more than ever it is critical that you and your leaders have a high performance operating system in place that allows you to focus on hitting your KPIs and executing on your objectives whilst also allowing you to respond appropriately to issues as they arise.

If you have any queries or we can help you in any way, we are only a phone call away.


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