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As part of Checkside’s ongoing commitment to helping businesses build the foundations for High Performing people and successful business growth, we will be holding a series of exclusive workshops and events. If you would like to attend you can register your interest on the individual event page.

Please note: Numbers at events are limited. If an event you are interested in is full, please join our mailing list to be informed of the next upcoming event.

Thursday 20th February, 2020

Structuring your business to drive your next phase of growth

This is an interactive boardroom workshop with limited places.

During the 90 minute workshop we will show you how to:

  • Understand functional, divisional and hybrid structuring models
  • Link your strategy and value drivers to determine your right future model
  • Deal with duplication, handovers and gaps in your functional operating environment
  • Manage and explain changes to your teams

Checkside specialises in ensuring strategy is aligned with the right structures for emerging and mid market companies.  We find that as businesses grow, the structure often evolves without a lot of dedicated planning to ensure the growth is well managed.

This can work for periods of time, but eventually it leads to inefficiencies that become detrimental to driving high performance.

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Past Events

How a great succession plan multiplies your enterprise value

Held in November 2019
Discover why succession planning is integral to the future of your business during this exclusive workshop with our founder, Chris Bates.

The reality is that most of your key people will not be with your business indefinitely. Do you have a strategy and process for managing changes when key people leave your business?

How to create a smart HR strategy to drive your business strategy

Held in October 2019
Why you need a smart HR Strategy to drive your business performance in this exclusive workshop with our founder, Chris Bates.

When it comes to executing strategy, its people that are going to get you from A to B (or not) – but too often business strategies are not accompanied by a prioritised HR strategy and workforce plan.


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