People and High Performance

People make or break businesses. To succeed you need high performing teams, who understand your game plan and are committed to helping you win…

The problem is that the ‘people piece’ in a growing company is never a fixed thing. Your next levels of growth will uncover new people challenges that you haven’t seen before – and there is plenty of ‘experts’ and noise out there that can take you off track.

Having walked the shoes of business owners, CEOs, investors and board members ourselves, our directors have developed a performance framework and language that simply makes sense to emerging and mid-sized companies.

High Performance Call to Action

Drive Performance Through The Checkside High Performance Framework

The High Performance Framework (HPF) outlines ten key elements that businesses need to get right in order to consistently drive high performance. Underpinning the HPF is research by Boston Consulting Group and others that outlines the financial impact each element generates.

A HR strategy and workforce plan (aligned with your business strategy) is at the core of your HPF.

You then need to make sure you build and develop a great leadership team to set the tone and drive results. This requires a continuous focus on succession planning, executive recruitment and leadership development.

And these leaders need a tool-kit to drive performance at all levels. This includes business capability in performance management, culture, leveraging technology, minimising risk, employer branding and remuneration and incentives.

All elements of the HPF are intertwined and require regular review, investment and development as your business grows – its all part of the journey to sustainable success.

Supporting IP and Services

We have developed a deep pool of diagnostic tools, IP and programs that complement our HPF and can be applied to tackle growing pains at any stage in the business life-cycle.

This includes our proprietary People and Performance Capability Survey that analyses your gaps in relation to the HPF and helps build a road map for growth.

We also support our delivery with smart technology and systems to help keep your costs down, efficiency up, and your money invested in high performance.



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