The right business strategy is critical, but your people need to understand it

You simply can’t execute your business strategy if your people don’t understand what success looks like.

Developing a Strategy on a Page (SoaP)?

A SoaP is a one page document outlining your purpose, core values, target markets, differentiators, economic engine and primary business objectives. This succinct summary of your strategy can easily be communicated throughout the business to literally ‘get everybody on the same page’.

The importance of the right organisational structure and functionality

Once your SoaP has been articulated, it is important to ensure that the most appropriate organisational structure is in place to ensure efficient and effective implementation. It is also critical to ensure that functional responsibility has been assigned to the right resources – and that they have the capacity and budget to deliver. We draw on best practice tools and vast experience to ensure your structure is completely aligned with your business strategy.

Workforce Planning

Research shows that some 73% of organisations experience talent shortfalls that lead to missed business objectives as a result of poor workforce planning.

With the changing nature of work, advances in technology and ever-evolving business needs, it is obvious that tomorrow’s workforce will look much different from the workforce of today.

Workforce planning is the systematic analysis and identification of the workforce structure, scale, skills and investment required by a company to achieve its business objectives. It relies on a strong understanding of capacity, productivity and cost measures to ‘right-size’ your business through various stages of growth.

Designing your organisational structure and workforce plan

It’s impossible to develop an accurate and costed workforce plan without first understanding your business strategy and financial model. Our workforce planning process complements your strategy and considers the range of scenarios that may play out over future periods. This includes an analysis and design process in which we work with key directors and executives to map out scenarios and financial impacts, leveraging robust frameworks.

We then summarise relevant scenarios using our proprietary IP and functional models to provide costed workforce plans and corresponding organisational charts that give you the best view of your future workforce.

Your workforce plan will need to be reviewed regularly, with ongoing monitoring of key capacity and productivity ratios to assess performance.


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