Continuous measurement, feedback, coaching and improvement.

When we think of teams achieving high levels of performance, professional sports often come to mind. And that’s no coincidence given those workplaces provide all the elements for driving high performance.

This includes statistics and KPIs for everything; daily review and feedback on performance; ongoing training and development programs; expert coaching; and a competitive environment where a scoreboard definitively tells you whether you are winning or not.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t apply the same approach to getting the most from the teams they employ.

What is performance improvement?

Performance improvement requires a distinct shift away from an ‘annual performance review’ mindset towards a process of continuous measurement, feedback, coaching and improvement. It’s about aligning the business’s objectives with simple, important and measurable (SIM) KPIs for teams and individuals so that everyone knows what they are aiming for and how the business measures success.

Designing a High Performance Operation System (HPOS)

Establishing a HPOS requires a disciplined approach and coaching of leaders to ensure consistent standards and habits are maintained. This includes:

The business case for performance improvement

Companies who are capable in driving a performance improvement approach outperform their less capable peers by more than 200% in terms of both revenue and profitability.
For boards, business owners and executives, a modern HPOS provides clear visibility on performance throughout the business. This allows for trends to be identified and remedial action to be implemented quickly.

And for all the talk about the importance of culture (it is important!), it’s impossible to build a winning culture without your employees first having a clear picture and regular feedback on what high performance looks like.


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