Hiring the right executives in the right way

For many business owners and executives, using a search firm or executive recruiter can be a hollow experience.

Few operators really possess the ability and willingness to challenge your thinking and guide you to the best possible result. But that’s what our team does every day to continuously drive high performance for our clients.

Hiring the right people in the right roles will make or break you – and the more critical the role, the more it costs when you get it wrong. When it comes to key executives and board members, the destruction of profitability, business value, relationships and culture can cost you into the millions of dollars for just one bad call.

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How we are different

Checkside is built on a performance consulting framework, not a transactional ‘recruiter’ mindset. We know that design casts the biggest shadow – and great insights and process create great outcomes. Our A-Grade scoping process helps uncover potential roadblocks in advance so that projects run smoothly at the search phase. We always provide direct feedback based on a ‘what you need to know’, not a ‘what you want to hear’ basis.

We also maintain a strong network of senior executive and board contacts across Australia (and beyond) and leverage trusted relationships quickly to tap the market for talent.

Executive roles we specialise in

Over the last 15+ years we have recruited hundreds of key executives for emerging, mid-size and larger companies. Our network and experience covers the following roles:


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