Hiring the right executives in the right way

For many business owners and executives, using a stand-alone search firm or recruiter can be a hollow experience.

Few operators really possess the ability and willingness to challenge your thinking and guide you to the best possible result. But that’s what our consulting team does every day to continuously drive high performance for our clients.

Hiring the right people in the right roles will make or break you – and the more critical the role, the more it costs when you get it wrong. When it comes to key executives and board members, the destruction of profitability, business value, relationships and culture can cost you into the millions of dollars for just one bad call.

How we can help

Checkside is built on a performance consulting framework. We know that design casts the biggest shadow – and great insights and process create great outcomes. We also know that good search partners can add real value when they have the right scope to work with.

Our ‘best of both worlds’ approach means that we work with you to engage the right search / recruitment partner to help execute on each project, with our fee being paid by them – there is no extra cost to you as the client! Checkside does the design and scoping with you and we help with selection decisions, whilst our partners do the search, screening and candidate management work.

Pay on Performance

Our search partners agree to offer you our ‘pay on performance’ model that aligns payment of fees with the realisation of value from a new hire. This model effectively enables you to pay only half of the total recruitment fee prior to the candidate start, with the remainder in instalment after the new hire starts.

It’s a unique approach driven by our performance consulting mindset, helping align fees with the realisation of value for clients.

Executive roles we specialise in

Over the last 15+ years we have recruited hundreds of key executives for emerging, mid-size and larger companies, including the following roles:


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