Case Study

KCA Site Services (KCA) provides specialist labour, equipment and project services to clients in the mining, civil and construction industries. Established in 2016 by co-founders Adam Wilson and Kade Lang, KCA has built a reputation as a dependable partner to some of the biggest names in the underground mining industry.

KCA’s recruitment services division provides clients with hundreds of skilled and experienced resources every year: from entry level exploration drillers’ offsiders – to underground drillers, operators and service crew – to mobile plant operators – to a range or technical and white-collar roles.

KCA’s equipment hire and sales department offers a wide range of machinery to service the mining and construction sectors: from underground integrated tool carriers to excavators and jumbo drill rigs.

KCA approached Checkside in mid-2021 seeking guidance around business strategy and execution support to help plan for the acceleration from a successful scale-up business – Adam was a recipient of the WA Business News 40under 40 Award – to a sustainable professional business.

Adam and Kade had energy and enthusiasm – and were considering several concurrent growth initiatives. Our first step was to ensure the current state, envisioned future and alternative growth options were carefully considered – and to clarify and distilled a winning strategy through a series of strategic workshops.

With the strategy clarified, the high-level organisational structure was reviewed, culminating in some challenging decisions around roles, responsibilities and succession planning for the founders.

Following completion of the strategy development work, we worked with KCA to engage their team with the business strategy.

KCA then engaged Checkside to assist with strategy execution. As business seeking to grow by diversification – whilst simultaneously leveraging its core business – it was critical that all divisions were operating effectively and delivering their contribution to the group’s strategic growth plans.

With a mix of tenured and new managers, KCA believed it was essential to build an operating system that ensured all team members understood the KPIs, strategic objectives and demonstrated a high level of accountability.

An operating rhythm has been successfully established, with Checkside facilitating regular sessions to check in on performance against KPIs, delivery against strategic objectives and accountability for key actions – as well as resetting strategic objectives on a periodic basis. We also provide regular coaching and consulting services to KCA’s founders and managers to drive high performance and help them successfully deal with issues and opportunities as they arise.

Client Outcomes

KCA are now more focused and accountable than ever – despite a particularly challenging operating environment marked by labour shortages, rising costs and supply chain issues.

The results for KCA so far have been strong. On the back of a clearly articulated strategy, KCA is operating with an increased awareness of long-term financial sustainability – which has in turn driven a sizeable increase in both revenue and profitability.  KCA’s founders and management team is focused, well organised and has settled into a disciplined rhythm of strategy execution, underpinned by a robust and tailored operating system.  This operating system is facilitating clear, concise communication and a collegiate focus on the most important issues and opportunities. KCA are well positioned to break through to the next stage of business maturity and scale.

Managing Director Commentary

According to their Managing Director and co-founder, Adam Wilson “Checkside have done a great job already. They have nailed our strategy and this has given my co-founder, the team and I renewed focus, confidence and energy. The two things that have given me the most confidence are:
1) Checkside 100% understands our business and what we want, and
2) We have a strategic plan and are developing an operating rhythm that is delivering real productivity and performance increases from our team.
We value Checkside’s approach and industry experience – and have had a number of breakthrough moments in our coaching and consulting sessions already. I am excited about the direction we are headed in – and would strongly recommend Scott and Checkside to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level

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