Case Study

Qattro is a national property group, with offices in South Australia and Queensland. Founded by Brad Jansen, Qattro is unique in that they have successfully integrated 14 residential property services under one roof – a Land2Living™ Model that equates to a better value, more efficient delivery model.

Having achieved strong growth and brand recognition on the back of their Land2Living™ Advantage, Qattro engaged Checkside to help them build people and performance and leadership capability and prepare for future growth.

Following our Three Lens Diagnostic Workshop, we developed a road map that initially focused on building capacity maps and effective communication rhythms into the business. We have also worked on their workforce plans and methods of driving high performance at every level through cascading objectives. A smart performance review system is also now embedded into their enterprise software.

Throughout the process we have worked with all members of the leadership team through regular training in our strategic models and ongoing one-to- one meetings. And more recently, we have helped Qattro form an advisory board.

According to Brad Jansen, the immediate benefit of the partnership between Checkside and Qattro has been the ‘clarity for our team of the connection between the business growth plan, HR strategy and financial impacts for the business’.

The future looks bright for Qattro and we are currently focused on embedding A-Grade Recruitment processes to select more of the right people to join the team.