Case Study

Over the years, Checkside has developed a particularly strong reputation for successfully helping family businesses make the big step of recruiting an external CEO, GM or other key executive into their business. This is typically part of a transition plan to reduce pressure on the owners, bring in complementary skill sets and/or help prepare the business for sale.

These projects tend to be referred by other business advisers such as accountants, mentors (such as TEC chairs), strategists and non-executive directors, who have a strong connection to the business owners and appreciate our empathy for family enterprises.

We have helped more than 80 family businesses go through this process since 2006, maintaining an impeccable track record. A classic example covered in the media is the iconic dairy food brand, Mundella.

Checkside helped the Hector family recruit David Day in 2006, with a mandate to optimise the business for sale and enable Peter and Anne Hector’s retirement. After winning the Australian Grand Dairy Champion Yoghurt five times from 2007 to 2012, these goals were achieved, culminating in the highly successful sale of the business to Manassen Foods in 2014. David remained CEO of the business throughout (and post) the transition and the Mundella brand and family legacy lives on.

Given the strong family business backgrounds of our advisers, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping family enterprises thrive. Other successes (among a long list) include WAFEX, Combined Metal Industries, Vector Lifting, Ortega Publishing, Stevenson Logistics, Hinds Sand Supplies, Octagon Lifts and Sage Vets.