Case Study

Dr Philip Currie, a cardiologist and leader in echocardiography, established the CIS group in 1997. The group comprises Clinical Integration Services (CIS), executive management and administration teams who support the clinical and diagnostic services provided by Cardio Vascular Services (CVS), and Cardio Respiratory Sleep (CRS). The group has grown to become a leading privately owned, integrated private specialist practice in Australia, with 100 employees across Western Australia and Victoria.

CIS engaged Checkside in early 2017 to align the group’s people and performance systems with their transformation strategy.

Following our initial business analysis and strategy workshops, we developed a game plan focused on managing change whilst driving a high performance operating system. Over the last 3 years we have designed, updated and embedded the framework needed to support the business transformation and trained team leaders in key people and performance processes. Throughout this process we have worked closely with the group’s executive team via the delivery of our Leadership Turbocharge program to drive productivity, engagement and quality patient experience outcomes.

The result for the group has been the alignment of the group’s structure with the transformation strategy, an increased measurement and management of performance objectives, streamlined people and performance processes, cost reductions and a greater emphasis on succession planning. The group is also enjoying improved communication and productivity, with the next generation of leaders stepping up to allow Dr Currie to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Dr Philip Currie says of his experience, “Checkside are significantly delivering on their promise to align and grow our people in line with the culture and strategy of CIS as it evolves in a changing health care market. We had previous experience with traditional human resource practitioners and were disappointed. Checkside through their formal programs and their direct involvement in the business have contributed much, much more. They get what we are trying to do and are expertly facilitating a pathway to get there”.