Case Study

Blue Cow Cheese Company was established in 1998 and offers a wide array of premium cheeses and foods to Western Australian consumers through over 600 outlets, including hotels, restaurants and cafes, caterers and a full range of retailers.

Founder Nick Bath has grown the business from start-up to a well recognised brand with over 40 employees.

Our initial engagement with Blue Cow involved in 2010 included a full HR Audit and risk assessment to ensure the business was complying with changing employment laws and to build robust systems to deal with future growth.

Since then we have provided ongoing HR advice, helped them build engaged teams and a culture that provides a source of competitive advantage, as well as a new performance management system. In 2014 we kicked off the first Leadership Turbocharge program for the business, training up the key managers in sales and operations.

We also recruited a Finance Manager to the leadership team in 2013, stepping up the sophistication of this function to deal with increased scale and complexity.

Nick Bath: “Being confident in my systems and the capabilities of my management team allows me to spend more time working on the business, rather than in it. It’s also allowed me to take time out of my business, make better decisions and avoid burnout.”