The relationship between creating a strategy, executing it and developing leaders is becoming more and more important for success in business.

By putting these three elements together, companies can get the best out of their staff and really benefit from the results.

Here are four key advantages of blending strategy development and execution with leadership development:

  1. Improved Alignment:  When leaders have an understanding of the company’s strategy, and have the skills to carry it out, they can get everyone in the organisation working towards the same goals and objectives. This creates a more focused environment where everyone is moving in the same direction.
  2. Increased Engagement:  Staff are more likely to be engaged and motivated if they know what the organisation is trying to achieve and have the tools to get there. This leads to better productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction, as well as less staff turnover.
  3. Better Decision Making: When leaders understand the company’s direction, they can make better decisions. This makes the organisation more agile and able to take advantage of new opportunities – which is critical in a constantly changing world.
  4. Improved Performance (ROI):  Investing in leadership development increases the chance of having high-performing teams. Leaders are better equipped to motivate and guide their staff which leads to better results. It’s been shown that this can lead to a 20% increase in performance, which is great news for any business.

By combining strategy, execution and leadership development, businesses can unlock potential and achieve results. It can improve alignment, engagement, decision making and performance, helping organisations build truly high performance teams. In the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (‘VUCA’) environment, this could provide just the edge you are seeking.

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